Harper Ray Accessories

Harper Ray 2023 Advent Calendar


Gift giving with Harper Ray just got 12x better with our new Whatever You Want Princess Advent Calendar! This gift box features 12 unique accessories you'll instantly fall in love with.

Open each box the day you get it (because we understand your excitement) or enjoy the 12 days of Christmas with us and start opening on December 14th to open the last box on Christmas Day!

Our advent calendar includes 2 adjustable rings, 3 earrings, 2 adjustable bracelets, 3 necklaces, a brooch, and a satin scarf. Jewelry is available in gold & silver and each box will feature a mix of both metals.  We know that everybody isn't a fan of surprises! Click here to view a complete list of items with pictures.

Item Specifics
Box Dimensions: 7.75in x 6.1in x 2in
Jewelry Material: gold/platinum plated brass or stainless steel

Return Policy
This gift box is only sold as a set. All sales are final. No returns, or exchanges on the entire box or individual items in the box. You have the option to view each item that's included in the box via the link above before purchasing. By purchasing, you agree to this policy.