the staple

the staple


the staple is a new stunning custom nameplate featuring the first letter encrusted in cz stones. this customized necklace available in gold, silver, and rose gold and is always double thickness. name can be up to 10 letters and is case sensitive, although the first letter will always be capitol.

example: If you enter "harperray" at checkout your necklace will read, "Harperray". If you enter "HarperRay" your necklace will read, "HarperRay".

the staple comes standard with 18' rollo chain (pictured). 

different chain lengths are available free of charge. the option is available once you add item to cart.

pendant is 5-8mm in height.
pendant is 1.2mm thick.
material: .925 sterling silver, 14k gold plating

please note: this is a pre-order. item processing takes 9 (business) days.

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